Com.Hera is an action financed by the Assessorato Regionale dei Beni Culturali, Ambientali e della Pubblica Istruzione, through the European Regional Development Fund, POR Sicilia 2000/2006 Asse 2 Misura 2.02 D.

Com.Hera is a project promoted by the Provincia Regionale di Agrigento that was assigned to Graham e Associati of Palermo by an official mandate approved by the council. The project aims to create a multimedia and interactive instrument on DVD-ROM for Personal Computer, created and developed by Altair 4 Multimedia of Rome, regarding the cultural enhancement of of the territory of Agrigento, with a particular attention to the ancient sites of Agrigento (Akragas) and Herakleia Minoa.

Both of them have been the heart of one of the most ancient and fully-developed civilization within the Mediterranean area. Their history is particularly suitable for multimedia enhancement: wonderful geographical position; importance of the cities in the development of territory; relationships with other Mediterranean civilizations of which Agrigento was the most important one as cultural and commercial crossroads; achievement of an own cultural identity which greatly influenced other cultures.